Alameda Naval Air Museum

CVWR-30 Carrier Air Wing Reserve Thirty

CVWR-30 Patch
Carrier Air Wing Reserve THIRTY was established on 1 April 1970 at Naval Air Station Alameda, and was composed of an Air Wing Staff, two Fighter Squadrons, three Attack Squadrons, one Light Reconnaissance Squadron, one Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron, one Early Warning Squadron and one Aerial Refueling Squadron. They were:
The mission of the staff was primarily to maintain operational and administrative control of its squadrons, as well as supervise their training to ensure a high degree of readiness was achieved and maintained. The establishment of Carrier Air Wing Reserve THIRTY and the introduction of special mission squadrons gave the Naval Air Reserve Force multiple-missions capability it had never previously possessed. It greatly enhanced the Reserve program's capability to be a formidable striking force should the need have ever arisen for Reserve mobilization. A memorable ACDUTRA was when CVWR-30 reported aboard the USS Ranger CV-61 for Carrier Qualifications (CARQUALS) on 6 November 1976. The Reserve Air Wing launched and recovered aircraft for seven consecutive days. Carrier Air Wing Reserve THIRTY had an illustrious career of more than 24 years and disestablished on 31 December 1994.
Credit:Image and information provided by Mr. Robert M. Cieri.